Basic Maya Multi Projection Setup for Matte Painting


There have been a lot of requests for a tutorial of a basic Maya multi projection setup for matte painting. This is not a glamorous example of projections but I was going for simple and clear in order to teach the setup. I put this setup together a while ago and you can see a little of my frustration coming out with the way Maya does projections. The biggest problem with Maya projections is the complexity of the set up and Maya not giving good feedback if something is set up wrong. A lot of times if something is broken Maya does not give any ques of what is wrong--I guess that describes how Maya works in a lot of ways (arg!).

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Maya Multi UDIM Shader to View MARI Models


To accompany the Nuke UDIM Gadget is this a Maya shader that will allow you to see all the textures on your multi UDIM geo from MARI. Just read in the images to the corresponding nodes in the hypershade and you are good to go. I have only allowed for 10 UDIMS (that is from 1-10) but you can add more if you dig around the shader to see how it was constructed. I am not giving a lot of explanation about how this shader is put together because I figure you can figure it out if you dig through it.

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