Getting Multi Patch OBJs Working in Nuke for MARI

I made a post named "Nuke/MARI Bridge Multi Patch Gadget" a while ago. In that post I did not give a real indepth explanation how the multi patches or the gadget works and how to use it. So I wanted to make this follow up post and video more fully cover the subject. I often use multi patch (or UDIMS) in Nuke for Matte Painting. It is also the workflow I use when working with MARI. I believe that the Foundry

will make this workflow native to Nuke soon--it onlyu makes sence considering the Nuke/Mari Bridge.

To illustrate how to use textured multi patch objs in Nuke I made this cube. Each side of this this cube is a different patch or UDIM.


I can explain here that a patch or UDIM is a collection of UVs that are offset in U or V. U and V from 0 to 1 is were UVs are normally packed. For this demo I have offset each cube face to the right of the normal 0 to 1 UV space.


In Nuke I have imported this cube and created numbers on top of colored constants for each face of our cube. Now Nuke does not natively understand multiple patches so I created a gadget that allows you to pipe in all of your patches and it will be applied correctly to the multi patch obj.


As you can see here Nuke will not preview all the patches right in the openGL. You will just need to look through a scanline renderer to see it correctly. 


Here are the working files for the "Multi Patch Cube for Nuke Demo".

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