Location Shooting 3: Reflector Vest


Ok, this is kind of a kooky one but I think is a great tip. It came to me when I was on a night shoot with Chris Evens. We had a tripod and people were looking at us wondering what we were doing. After a while, because we where shooting in the road, Chris put on a reflector vest so that the cars would not hit him. He chuckled as he put it on but I actually thought it was quite sensible. What happened after that was amazing. People actually stopped looking at us. It was like we were invisible. Somehow the reflector vest changed us into some kind of “official survey team” and no one payed any attention to us. We just dropped into the background.


You might be wondering why this is significant. There are times when you take pictures and, mmmm lets say it makes people uncomfortable. I mean lets face it you are shooting with a long lens and you are being very through with your pictures—I think people sometimes get the wrong idea.

I have been warned, scolded, and chased off of places for taking pictures. If they only knew me they would know I was a nice guy. But you could ease people’s minds by looking like you belong there, like you are on some kind of official business. That is where the reflector vest comes in. Reflector vests are cheep and available at any hardware store.

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