Photo Real Fine Art, Digital Display and Mural Design for Museums

The Same Photo Real Matte Painting Techniques used in Feature Film to Create Immersive Environments Can be Used to Create Huge Mural/Wall Designs for Themed Environments and Museums.

museum display 1

Museum Digital Display

Museums are using more and more digital displays to communicate and tell stories. I created the image for this digital display in the grand entryway of this museum. When a Museum makes the decision to used digitally created art, this art can easily be reused in various other ways thought out the Museum.

museum display 2

Museum Mural Design

This Museum display needed a wall mural depicting the Mississippi River at the turn of the 19th century. It was not possible to photograph this particular point in the river because it is currently covered by modern housing developments. I Photo Collage Painted the river and boat to create what the river would look like in the 1800s. This 7 foot wall Mural was printed from a 22,000 pixel wide digital file.

museum display 3

Museum Historical Display

Depictions of ancient cities give Museums an immersive feel and offer patrons a look into the past. Because these Digital images are created from computer generated models, it is possible to display these same structures in interactive displays or in cutaway diagrams.

Cinematic Experiences for Museums and Themed Environments

Feature Film style Visual Effects offer a Blockbuster Cinematic feel to Museum and Theme Park Theater or Experimental Experiences. Matte Painting is an integral part of Creating these Immersive Environments.

museum display 3

I created a Matte Painted Landscape for this 280 degree wrap around theater. This extremely wide format offered some unique challenges. It is important for Museums to hire seasoned film professionals to insure the quality of the final product. This is the test screen that was built off location to develop the technology and visual effects while the real theater was being built in the Museum space.

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