On Set Visualization Plans for Mountain

When a production's vision is created digitally first it is easy to see if it is working and then easy to change it if it is not.


This is a model showing the practical set on the green screen stage. Its position and dimensions are determined in the concept stage and will line up to the Lightcraft digital set. Having a scale model of the stage, and designing within its dimensions, enables very controlled planning of camera angles.

Planning the Hero Camera Angle

The concept model and cameras are created to match the concept art perfectly. The concept art is then baked into the digital Lightcraft set so you are literally seeing the concept art in full three dimensions.


Planning the reverse Hero Camera Angle

When filming, the director can follow a detailed shot list based on the previs model or easily establish new camera angles from the live onset composite of the digital set. DPs can also light to the actors based on the photo real sky in the Lightcraft set.


Elevation Models and Prop List

These ditigial elivations guide the creation of blueprints and in the collection of props. The digital set will line up to the physical set when these designs are followed.


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