Preproduction Planning / On Set Visualization

Matte Painted Environments for "On Set Visualization" is one of most innovative areas Matte Painting is headed. Matte Painting offers a tight integration from Concept Art to On Set Visualization to Final Matte Painted shots.

  • Lightcraft Project: Cumorah

    Two actors looking over the destruction of a recent battlefield. Only a small set in the center of a green screen cove is needed--everything else is a digital set extension.
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  • Lightcraft Project: Bountiful

    Only a practical 12 foot tower was created to give the appearance of a 35 foot tower on the Lightcraft stage. The Lightcraft digital set extends below the physical stage ground.
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  • Lightcraft Project: Mountain Top

    A practical dirt mound falls off into darkness as the digital Lightcraft environments starts. The camera can be pointed anywhere to capture this huge environment.
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Get Realtime, On Set Composite of Your Actors and Digital Sets--Lightcraft is the premier on Set Visualization System.

Lightcraft offers the opportunity of tightly integrating your vision through all steps of a production. This is how it works: a Matte Painting like, photo collage concept image is created and approved for a production, then that same concept image is made into a 180+ degree Lightcraft virtual set. Live set pieces are designed to integrate with the full digital set extensions When the camera is pointed anywhere on stage you can see the concept image made inot a full digital set. Lastly after filming all the high resolution photos used to create the concept and Lightcraft environment are used by the Matte Painter to create your final photoreal set extensions From start to finish there is a tight and cost effective integration of a creative vision.

On set visualization is great for assisting the director in compositing shots, DP to light the set and actors, and help your actors get into character. See this whole process in the projects listed below.







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