• Matte Painting in Houdini

    This landscape of ancient Babylon was laid out, lit, rendered and then projected back on itself for the 3D arial camera move. Houdini is a very powerful tool when creating huge Matte Painted Environments.
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  • Matte Painted
    Lightcraft Environments

    Concept Art, Set Design, Lightcraft Environments and Final Shot Work--It makes sense for Matte Painters to be involved from the very beginning of a Production and then on to the very end. Lightcraft is a powerful way to carry the vision of a concept through the whole of a production. See how Lightcraft is revolutionizing Matte Painting.

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  • Matte Painting In Cinefex

    My Matte Paintings are featured in this Cinefex Magazine along with a new Matte Painting process that a colleague and I developed for creating really efficient set extensions using the Maxwell Renderer.

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About Garrett Fry

Garrett Fry is a technically minded creative artist, Digital Matte Painter and Concept Artist in the Film Industry.

Garrett has a passion for finding technical solutions in matte painting and believes himself to be an innovator in new matte painting techniques. On feature films Garrett has filled several roles such as:

Matte Painting and Environment Lead: Garrett has managed teams up to 20+ artists to create asset builds, schedual work, bid shots, manage prioirites and run dailies sessions.

Matte Painting and Environment Trainer: Garrett has worked with MPC to create a 3DDMP Academy Curriculum and has taught Matte Painting and Environment TD MPC Academy Courses.

Matte Painting Technical Lead: Garrett oversaw and established the matte painting work flow, pipeline and department tools. I conducted training sessions for matte painters and advised the VFX Supervisor how to technically approach matte painting shots.

Painting Sequence Lead: Garrett was responsible for the overall look of matte painting sequences and supervised the efforts of junior artists and artists from other departments in completion of matte shots and/or matte elements.

Senior Matte Painter: Garrett created stereo matte shots from start to finish, everything from concept, to CG, to paint, to 2.5D/3D projections, to compositing--using Photoshop, Maya, 3DS Max, MARI and Nuke.




poster ghost in the shellposter beastsposter apocalypseposter gatsbyposter hungerposter alvh poster xmen poster apesposter tintinposter marsposter yellowsubposter carolposter wolvposter mskposter bb
  • Garrett was key to the success of a challenging four-month, intensive Matte Painting and Environments training program at MPC.
    Matthew Hanger Training Manager MPC, Montreal
  • Garrettt is very detail oriented, organized and works collaboratively​ with the team. He is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition he has a wide range of technical and artistic skills he utilizes naturally and he has proven his leadership ability day by day by keeping together a fresh team of new starters and tutoring them into the company's pipeline.
    Marcell Nagy Environment Supervisor MPC, Montreal
  • Garrett was the tutor and the leader of our new Academy Project. With his great leadership, the project was a big success. He works hard and is dedicated--​a great artist and a perfect team leader.
    Attila Szalma Head of 3D Digital Matte Painting MPC, Montreal
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  • image A Matte Painter’s workflow and tools change based on the needs of a shot or environment.
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  • Gnomon Workshop Training Course

    poster gatsby


    Garrett Fry demonstrates the entire process of how to create a 3D matte painted and projected environment, including modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, painting, projecting and compositing.
    Learn More
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