Shot Breakdowns

Shot Breakdowns is a behind the scenes look at how Matte Paintings are created. This area is dedicated to those wanting to learn about "The Matte Painting Approach". Create an account to view.

Projection Types

Nested, Coverage and Patch Projections are all identified in a series of actual shots so you can see the how these types of projections are implemented.

"X-Man First Class" Cuba Pullout

This huge pullout of the Cuba coast required 7 nested projections and several different solutions for doing trees. See how it was created.

"Planet of the Apes" Alleyway

What was shot on set was very different then what they really wanted. See how Matte Painting was able to save this shot.

"Mars Needs Moms" Martian Citadel

This animated film was full of huge Matte Painted environments. See how render passes and the 80/20 rule was used on this sequence.

"Benjamin Button" Train Station

This shot and the process of using the Maxwell Renderer was featured in Cinefex Magazine. See how we utilized 15 32 bit renders to efficiently finish these shots.

Snow in Disney's "Christmas Carol"

Watch how I combined a bunch of different solutions to create the snow for Disney's Christmas Carol.